Engagement Rings 101

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For many men out there, shopping for engagement rings may be the toughest part of a proposal. While the answer might be a sure thing, the sheer number of options can make the selection feel overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to help even the most nervous man find the perfect ring for that special someone.

Remember the Budget

Engagement rings can be pricey; establishing a budget should be every shopper’s main priority. Before heading to the jewellery store, they should examine their current finances and determine how much they can realistically manage. It’s a lot more romantic to find one they can afford than to blow their budget on a single piece of jewellery.

Ask Friends for Advice

Before heading to a jewelry shop, it’s ideal to ask family and friends for advice. Friends who are recently engaged or married might have insight into the best stores around town, the best way to sneakily find a partner’s finger size, and ideas on how to pick the ideal stone. They might have even overheard their friend’s significant other’s tastes!

Shop Around

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, it is important to not forget that different shops work with different designers. Guys will need to shop around to find the band which will most appeal to that special someone rather than settling on the first store they visit. Once in a store, guys should start looking for attentive staff members that are interested in helping them make the best purchase rather than focusing on the size of the commission they’ll receive.

Pick the Perfect Stone

Traditionally, diamonds are the choice for engagement rings, but men should not feel obligated to stick with tradition. Just about any gem can make a perfect center stone, and straying from the standard diamond might help them save money. Consider what that special someone wears on a daily basis. If they love sapphires, look for options that feature sapphires as the center stone. If they frequently wear diamonds or have expressed their desire for a traditional ring, stick with a diamond.

Understand Cuts

Gemstones come in different shapes or cuts, and finding the right cut for a significant other can seem daunting. Again, have a look in their jewellery box to determine if there’s a specific shape they prefer. If not, stick with what’s popular. Round cuts are among the most popular shapes and are the most widely available, but because of their popularity, they will cost more. A pillow or square cut will still show off the gemstone’s sparkle but can cost considerably less.

Metal Matters

The best way to find out what sort of metal that special someone will prefer would be to head to their jewellery box. If they wear a whole lot of gold, stick with gold. However, should they wear mostly silver, opt for platinum or white gold. This way, they will be comfy wearing the ring with different pieces.

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