5 Tips for Women

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As stated before, women are supposed to be pursued (men are hunters by nature). So, stop searching for a soul mate; you are violating the established protocol. Because of this, this article recommends five tactical moves. Besides getting the desires of your heart, they’ll help you avoid heartache, stress, and sleepless nights.

Seek wisdom.
Since all good things come from above prayer seems like the first sensible step. Discuss your needs with the Creator- not your friends, co-workers, or loved ones. During the conversation, do not forget to listen! You’ll get the inside track. Unlike the others, he knows what’s up ahead as well as the master plan for your life. It is already in motion. Rather than going on a hunting trip, think about repositioning yourself. Today God is the master strategist and can move like no other. Still, being in the right place does not hurt. What areas do you frequent? I, as an instance, know when I don’t fit. It creates an uncomfortable feeling. Furthermore, are you hiding like a hermit? Making yourself scarce will cause you to miss the divine connection.
Scrutinize every encounter.
Did you notice that Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz stuck to her assignment when traveling down the yellow brick road? She encountered three different guys – the lion, the scarecrow, and the tin man. Each male needed something. Guess what? Dorothy assessed their scenarios, she encouraged, she provided assistance but recalled the objective. All in all, Dorothy returned to Melbourne fl squirrel removal.
Similarly, we encounter different men on this journey called life. They need encouragement, insight, or just someone to listen. It’s fine to help; God created women to nurture. However, avoid giving more of yourself than necessary. Do you?

Consequently, choosing the wrong street gives rise to confusion and delays. Thus, complete the assignment then return to the mission. You can’t manage to muddy the water. The stakes are too high.

Be anxious for nothing.
Desperation equates to anxiousness, and my Bible claims to be anxious for nothing. Worry along with doubt make you mad. “I’m too old. Time is running out.”
At length, you decide to take matters into your own hands. Rather than making progress, nevertheless, you wind up going five steps backward. A word to the wise is sufficient. Desperation is a dangerous perfume to wear. Apart from giving the wrong scent, it doesn’t become you.

Grow your faith.
Simply put, this suggestion is crucial. Why? Growing your faith impacts every facet of your life – not only getting a soul mate. Likewise, you have to commit to go the distance. Since faith comes by hearing and hearing, saturating yourself at the word is essential.
Are you ready to build your faith muscles? Begin exercising daily by listening to the Word, reading, studying, meditating, speaking so, and continuing to endure even when it seems like nothing’s happening. That is why it’s called faith. Prepare to stand.

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